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Our cloud Warehouse Management Software is an innovative solution that improves inventory accuracy, provides real time date collection, integrates billing, and includes an extensive report writer and web portal.

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The flexible and powerful Logimax cloud WMS is a browser-based system that contains everything your warehouse needs to improve its efficiency right out-of-the-box.

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Navigate cold storage logistics with Logimax’s WMS solution, ensuring optimal temperature precision, efficient space utilization, and rapid inventory turnover, all while adhering to industry regulations.

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Optimize your retail operations with Logimax’s Warehouse Management Software, designed for omnichannel excellence, efficient inventory management, and timely order fulfillment, ensuring your products are always ready for the consumer.

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Since 1995, Logimax has provided our customer base with exceptionally robust, reliable and affordable warehouse management solutions. Logimax is designed to make you work faster and built to help you solve problems more quickly. Logimax Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida, is part of the FOG Software Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. Learn more.

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