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Take Control of Your Yard with Logimax’s Yard Management System

Yard management is more than just moving trailers; it’s about optimizing space, time, and resources. Logimax’s yard management system provides an intelligent solution that automates tasks, enhances visibility, and offers actionable insights. With features like real-time tracking and advanced scheduling, Logimax’s yard management software empowers you to take control of your yard operations, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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Real-Time Yard Visibility

Logimax’s yard management system provides real-time visibility into all yard activities, including the location and status of trailers, tractors, and other assets. This comprehensive view enhances decision-making, reduces delays, ensures efficient yard utilization, and fosters a proactive approach to yard management, giving you complete control and transparency over your yard operations.

Trailer Tracking

Track trailers with pinpoint accuracy using Logimax’s yard management system. Monitor locations, statuses, and movements in real-time, ensuring that trailers are efficiently utilized. This feature reduces unnecessary movements, enhances overall yard coordination, and supports timely and accurate decision-making, contributing to a more agile yard operation.

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Harness the power of data with Logimax’s advanced reporting and analytics. Analyze trends, monitor KPIs, and generate custom reports that provide actionable insights. This feature drives continuous improvement, helping you make informed decisions that enhance yard performance, identify opportunities for growth, and support strategic planning.

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Carrier Appointment Management

Manage carrier appointments effectively and efficiently with Logimax’s yard management software. Carriers can make their own appointments online and the warehouse sets all the rules ahead of time allowing for a better process flow and reduces down time. Schedule, track, and coordinate appointments with ease, reducing wait times, enhancing collaboration with carriers, and ensuring that your yard operations are synchronized with transportation schedules.

3PL Security Access and Control

Security and Access Control

Protect your yard assets and operations with Logimax’s robust security and access control features. Manage access permissions, monitor activities, and implement security protocols that safeguard your yard. This comprehensive approach ensures that only authorized personnel have access, protecting your assets and maintaining the integrity of your yard operations.

Customizable Workflow Processing

Design yard management workflows that suit your specific needs with Logimax’s customizable workflow processing. Tailor workflows to align with your operational requirements, industry best practices, and unique challenges, creating a yard management system that works for you. This flexibility allows you to create processes that reflect your unique yard environment, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Yard Equipment Management

Keep your yard equipment in top condition with Logimax’s yard equipment management feature. Track equipment status, condition, and utilization, ensuring optimal performance, reducing downtime, and extending the lifespan of your valuable assets. This comprehensive approach to equipment management supports a more reliable and productive yard operation.

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