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Warehouse receiving is more than just accepting goods; it’s about ensuring accuracy, speed, and compliance. Logimax’s WMS receiving feature is designed to meet these challenges head-on. With state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly interfaces, it simplifies the receiving process in the warehouse, minimizes errors, and maximizes productivity. Explore the transformative power of Logimax’s warehouse receiving software and take the first step towards operational excellence.

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Logimax’s real-time inventory tracking provides full barcode tracking and handheld (RF) processing. This feature enables warehouse managers to have immediate visibility into inventory status, enhancing accuracy and control in the warehouse receiving process. It’s a vital tool for maintaining up-to-date inventory records and making informed decisions.

Serial Number Tracking

Ensure complete traceability and compliance with Logimax’s serial number tracking feature. By tracking products by their serial numbers, warehouse managers can maintain accurate records and quickly locate items when needed. This feature enhances safety and accountability in the receiving process.

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Lot Recall History

Maintain a detailed and accessible lot recall history with Logimax’s WMS. This feature enhances safety and compliance by keeping a complete record of lot recalls, allowing for quick action when needed. It’s an essential aspect of quality control in the warehouse receiving process.

Hold/Release/Damage Management

Manage hold, release, and damage statuses efficiently with Logimax’s comprehensive management system. This feature provides flexibility and control, allowing warehouse managers to handle various scenarios effectively. It’s a critical tool for managing unexpected situations in the warehouse receiving process.

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3PL Billing Performance Dashboard WMS

Full History by Item, Location, User, Activity

Access a detailed history by various parameters, including item, location, user, and activity, with Logimax’s WMS. This feature provides valuable insights and accountability, allowing warehouse managers to analyze trends, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions in the warehouse receiving process.

Warehouse Transfers

Manage warehouse transfers seamlessly with Logimax’s integrated system. This feature ensures smooth coordination between different warehouse locations, facilitating the efficient movement of goods. It’s a vital component for multi-warehouse operations, ensuring consistency in the warehouse receiving process.

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Cross Dock Management

Efficiently manage cross-docking with Logimax’s WMS, reducing handling time and enhancing the receiving process. This feature allows for the direct transfer of goods from inbound to outbound trucks, minimizing storage time. It’s a strategic tool for fast-paced distribution environments, streamlining the warehouse receiving process.

Configurable Receiving Workflow

Customize the receiving workflow with Logimax’s user-friendly interface. This feature provides flexibility in configuration according to specific preferences during receiving such as requiring a lot code, a production or expiration date, catch weight, etc. It’s a practical tool for ensuring that the right information is accessible in the warehouse receiving process.

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