3PL Billing

Logimax’s 3PL Billing: Precision and Flexibility in Billing Management

In the dynamic world of third-party logistics, precision and flexibility in billing are paramount. Logimax’s 3PL billing system offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse and ever-changing needs of 3PL providers. From customizable rate structures to automated billing cycles, our 3PL billing software provides the tools you need to manage billing with confidence. Discover how Logimax can elevate your billing performance, driving growth and competitive advantage.


3PL Billing Performance Dashboards

Visualize and analyze your 3PL billing performance with Logimax’s customizable dashboards. Track key metrics, identify trends, and gain insights that drive continuous improvement. These intuitive dashboards offer a clear understanding of billing performance, supporting strategic planning and operational excellence.

Automated 3PL Billing Cycles

Eliminate manual effort and reduce errors with Logimax’s intelligent scheduling feature for automated 3PL billing cycles. Define and manage recurring billing, delayed billing, and scheduled billing with precision. Timely and consistent invoicing aligns with your business processes, improving cash flow and enhancing customer relationships.

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Customer-Specific 3PL Billing Documents

Create a personalized billing experience with customer-specific billing documents. Logimax’s 3PL billing system allows you to design invoices, shipping documents, and receiving documents that reflect individual customer requirements. Enhance professionalism, compliance, and customer engagement with this tailored approach to billing documentation.

3PL Billing for Various Rate Calculations

Adapt to diverse billing scenarios with Logimax’s support for over 50 rate calculations. Whether it’s quantity, weight, square footage, temperature, or other factors, our 3PL billing software ensures accurate charge calculations for various services. This comprehensive approach enhances flexibility, precision, and customer trust.

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Recurring Storage Billing

Manage recurring storage billing effortlessly with Logimax’s 3PL billing system. Define standard monthly or anniversary billing cycles, set minimum and maximum amounts, and automate the entire process. Consistent and accurate storage billing enhances revenue management and customer satisfaction.

3PL Billing Security and Access Control

Protect your sensitive billing data with robust security and access control features. Logimax’s 3PL billing system allows you to manage access permissions, monitor activities, and implement security protocols. Safeguard your financial information, maintain compliance, and build trust with this comprehensive security approach.

3PL Security Access and Control
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3PL Billing Customer Portal

Build strong customer relationships with Logimax’s 3PL billing customer portal. Provide real-time visibility, tracking, and communication, ensuring customers are informed and engaged in the billing process. Enhance transparency, trust, and satisfaction with this customer-centric approach to billing.

Real-Time 3PL Billing Analytics

Empower your billing operations with real-time analytics provided by Logimax’s 3PL billing software. Monitor trends, analyze performance, and generate custom reports that offer actionable insights. Understand your billing patterns, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency and profitability.

3PL Billing
3PL WMS Billing Interface

User-Friendly 3PL Billing Interface

Enhance user experience with Logimax’s user-friendly 3PL billing interface. Intuitive design, customizable views, and accessible features ensure efficient and effective billing management. Reduce training requirements, increase user satisfaction, and support a more productive billing team with a focus on usability.

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