About Us

Best Cloud Warehouse Management System Provider

Since 1995, Logimax Inc. has provided our customers with an exceptionally robust, reliable and affordable cloud solution to the challenges of the single and multi-customer warehousing industries. Logimax offers a browser-based solution and an uninterrupted growth path for our customers.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Logimax also has offices in Chicago and San Francisco. Logimax is part of the FOG Software Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX:CSU), an international provider of software and services to multiple industries across public and private sectors.

Under the Constellation Software umbrella, Logimax benefits from a strong corporate platform, greater access to resources, and international support. At the same time, we draw on Logimax’s proud history and industry expertise in serving our customers for more than 20 years.

FOG Software Group also has a complementary portfolio of software offerings across multiple hardware platforms, including IBM i software for transportation management, and ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors of “make to order” and “engineer to order” items in the building products, capital equipment, and consumer goods sectors.

Industry Experience

Through our customers activities we have acquired an extensive array of industry expertise—expertise we use in the development, implementation and support of our software offerings.

Some of our industry experience includes:

  • Frozen, Refrigerated and Dry Foodstuffs
  • Finished, Bulk and Roll Paper Products
  • Raw and Finished Commodities
  • Automotive and Aviation Components
  • Chemicals, and Oil and Gas Products
  • Consumer Goods including Apparel, Glassware, Furniture, Electronics,
  • Cosmetics, Toys, Sports and Fitness Equipment, Pharmaceuticals
  • Books and publications
  • Tobacco and Liquor
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Assembly and Repack
  • Serial Number tracking
  • Supply Chain Services including manufacturing plant integration
  • Import, Export and Container Freight Station
  • EDI and e-commerce

Company Values

1. Satisfy clients by providing high-quality products, attentive service and applied industry experience

2. Provide an enjoyable—although often challenging—work atmosphere as we meet client commitments

3. Maintain profitability to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs well into the future

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