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Precision and Agility in Order Management with Logimax

Precision, agility, and responsiveness define modern order management. Logimax’s order management system embodies these principles, providing a robust platform that adapts to your unique business needs. From single order picking to complex multi-order zone picking, Logimax offers the tools and insights to manage orders with unparalleled efficiency. With capabilities like real-time order tracking, batch and zone picking, and integration with other systems, our system is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern warehouse. Experience the future of order management with Logimax’s innovative solutions, and take your order processing to new heights of efficiency and control.

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Batch and Zone Picking

Optimize picking processes with batch and zone picking features. Logimax’s order management system supports various picking strategies, allowing you to choose the best approach for different order types and volumes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing picking time. This feature provides the flexibility to adapt to different order complexities and volumes.

Appointment Scheduling

Logimax’s appointment scheduling feature offers a seamless way to manage appointments for order processing. Schedule and track appointments with ease, ensuring timely deliveries and optimal resource utilization. This feature enhances coordination with carriers and customers, contributing to a smooth and efficient order process, reducing delays, and improving overall scheduling accuracy.

Appointment Scheduling
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Pick Path Sequencing

Optimize picking routes with Logimax’s pick path sequencing feature. Define optimal paths for picking, reducing travel time, and enhancing efficiency. This feature supports faster order processing and minimizes labor costs, utilizing intelligent algorithms to determine the most efficient routes within the warehouse.

Soft or Hard Allocation

Choose between soft or hard allocation to manage inventory commitments for orders. Logimax’s system provides the flexibility to allocate inventory temporarily or permanently, depending on business needs, ensuring optimal inventory utilization. This feature supports better inventory planning and reduces the risk of over-commitment.

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Order Staging Pre-Assignment or Optional Picker Managed

Manage order staging with flexibility using Logimax’s pre-assignment or optional picker-managed feature. Control the staging process by pre-assigning locations or allowing pickers to manage staging, providing adaptability to different order scenarios. This feature ensures that orders are ready for shipment in a timely manner, enhancing overall efficiency.

Priority Sequencing

Manage orders with precision using Logimax’s priority sequencing feature. Define and implement priority rules, ensuring that critical orders are processed first. This intelligent feature helps in meeting delivery deadlines and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, allowing for dynamic adjustments based on real-time demands.

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Automated Replenishments with Min/Max

Automate replenishment processes based on min/max levels with Logimax’s intelligent system. Maintain optimal stock levels for order processing, reducing the risk of stockouts, and ensuring timely order fulfillment. This feature leverages real-time data to make intelligent replenishment decisions, aligning inventory levels with order demands.

BOM Picking to Assemble Area

Support complex order assembly with BOM (Bill of Materials) picking. Logimax’s system enables efficient picking of components for assembly, streamlining the process, and ensuring that all required parts are accurately picked. This feature is essential for manufacturing and assembly operations, providing detailed tracking and coordination.

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