4 Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make When Choosing Your WMS 3 - choosing your wms

Warehouses are often one of the most critical components in how goods move from supplier to end-user.

Given their important function in our modern world of commerce, it’s essential that all managers – and anyone else responsible for day-to-day warehouse management functions – are able to understand the incredible stakes of getting the right WMS system. Your WMS keeps things flowing smoothly, so when you’re choosing it, you need to know what to look for.

The best way to learn about how to select the proper WMS software is to first understand the mistakes you simply must avoid.

How to Choose a WMS – Mistake 1: Limiting Vendor Selection

It’s fairly common to hear about businesses attempting to implement warehouse management software on the fly. To expedite the process, they may cut short the vendors they’re willing to vet. At first, this might not sound entirely bad, especially when you consider the time-savings you may get in return. But limiting your vendor selection is actually the single largest mistake you can make when choosing a new WMS.

It can pay off (literally) to look at multiple warehouse management systems – pay close attention to not only how they will fit into your operation now, but analyze them through the lens of where you want to be in the future. Because the truth is, you want to grow. And not looking at future capacity as a determining factor could really hinder that growth in the future. Be sure you look at enough vendors’ RFPs and try to visualize how they’ll fit into your future needs.

How to Choose a WMS – Mistake 2: Not Planning for Implementation

Think about your busy season(s), vacations and holiday times and any other hiccups or changes in your normal operation before you plan to implement your new WMS. Even if (or maybe especially if!) your number one goal is to be up and running before a peak season, it’s better to wait than rush this one.

Leave enough time during and post-implementation to not only get your new system installed and running, but also to ensure every stakeholder and team member has time to be aptly trained before you hit the ground running.

How to Choose a WMS – Mistake 3: Not Getting Buy In

The right warehouse management system software needs to do more than just its job. It needs to wow your people, too. Getting everyone on board is essential from the very start of the process. Take the time to introduce key team members to all the options you’re looking at.

Spend time doing surveys and conducting brainstorming sessions so everyone feels like they have a voice in the process. Finding out what people are struggling with, then looking for a solution to those major pain points is a great way to “sell” your team on a new solution. It also gives you a solutions-driven checklist to use when you’re looking at all your options and trying to find the best WMS software.

How to Choose a WMS – Mistake 4: Not Paying Attention To Software Costs

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s worth going over anyway. The reality is you need to pay attention to what you’re spending on your WMS system simply for the fact that it becomes a liability if you spend too much on it.

A major benefit to having a solid WMS is the ROI you can expect by limiting costs in the long run. If the software itself costs an excessive amount of money when compared to what you’ll be getting, then it will ultimately fail to achieve any of the goals that it should.


There are plenty of mistakes you can make when purchasing new WMS software. It’s easy to fall into dozens of traps, and the financial and reputation costs can be enormous.

Luckily, what you’ve read here can help you learn from the mistakes others have made. Using this advice, you can do your best to avoid these blunders.

The end result? You’ll have a highly functional warehouse that generates profits for your company rather than costs it money. Considering this, perhaps now is the time to try to get the proper software systems to produce the most highly efficient warehouse possible.

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