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The right WMS software can make it possible for your operation to run more efficiently, effectively and smoothly.

Looking for the right software solution for your warehouse? Keep the following benefits in mind when you’re evaluating any new WMS software.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #1: Highly accurate order fulfillment

WHY YOU NEED IT: The right WMS software optimizes the omnichannel experience to make order management possible across all of your sales channels. Labor and inventory tracking allows you to carry out every task related to fulfillment, with enhanced speed and accuracy. Make it easy, fast and safe for your customers to get your products in their hands. Eliminate missed deadlines, late shipments, missing product and the dreaded customer returns.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #2: Optimized picking and shipping

WHY YOU NEED IT: First and foremost, your software should allow you to identify what and where product is located. The right comprehensive picking tools mean you can easily and seamlessly define the steps to prepare and pack goods. Most importantly, specific instructions can be set so moves and transfers can be optimized to ensure efficiency.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #3: Faster Delivery Times

WHY YOU NEED IT: Once warehouse operations are streamlined and you have increased transparency, delivery times can be drastically reduced. The right WMS means you have a system in place that:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Allows inventory to be packed
  • Automatically generates invoices and packing lists
  • Informs other locations about pending deliveries with advanced shipment notifications

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #4: More Efficient Labor Management

WHY YOU NEED IT: A WMS’s labor management tools can increase employee efficiency in the warehouse using key performance indicators (KPIs). This can better-ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner. Lot zoning and task allocation let you streamline employee workflows so tasks can be carried out while expenses are tracked and employee theft is minimized.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #5: Increased Visibility

WHY YOU NEED IT: Your WMS should increase visibility of any order’s status in real-time, with virtually 100 percent accuracy. Automated data collection through the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanning and/or barcoding means users can easily follow order status.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #6: Optimize Your Storage Space

WHY YOU NEED IT: A great WMS means it’s possible to design workflow, picking logic and bin slotting throughout your organization and warehouse. Use your space more efficiently, so you can quickly adjust for seasonality variances.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #7: Minimize Your Inventory Movement

WHY YOU NEED IT: Managing inventory is critical, especially in a warehouse environment. Your warehouse management system should allow you to:

  • Increase warehouse accuracy and visibility
  • Track and place inventory in the correct location
  • Cut costs by minimizing unnecessary inventory movement
  • Allow workers to carry out tasks and responsibilities more quickly

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #8: Improve Dock and Yard Productivity

WHY YOU NEED IT: Managing truck movement in and out of yards or loading docks with real-time tracking that shows up-to-date locations of trucks and trailers can dramatically cut down on time spent loading and unloading. Some WMS solutions even let you manage cross-docking, so you can also cut down on storage time.

WMS SOFTWARE BENEFIT #9: System Dependency and Security

WHY YOU NEED IT: There are many WMS software packages out there. What sets us apart is that Logimax runs on the IBMi platform on site or in the cloud. IBMi security is still the most reliable anti-malware, anti-hacking, 24/7 reliable platform available. This ensures your data is secure and accessible at all times.

Choosing the right warehouse management software doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing what to look for, and how to evaluate different systems is half the battle.

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