Avoid These 3 Critical Mistakes Often Made When Choosing a New WMS 3 - choosing a new washing machine

You’ve been searching for new software to improve efficiency and accuracy within your warehouse. You finally find the software that sounds like a good fit for your company. It has the functionalities you’ve been searching for and you’re ready to start using it ASAP.

But it’s not always that easy with software. With options in the cloud, SaaS, on-premise, running on the IBM (and the list continues), there are so many steps to take to install and implement a new software. Depending on the software, this can take many months to get running, or might be quick, but comes without the features and flexibility you thought you’d have. You also must consider the training process and which options might be best for your 3PL company. So when you’re looking into something new, consider these potential obstacles and think about these tips to pick the software with the most productive on-boarding process.

Here are a few common mistakes made, and ways to avoid them:

1. Your inexpensive software is easy to use and installed quickly but isn’t what you hoped it would be.

This is a common mistake made when companies try to save a buck and pick the “easy “choice. Some smaller warehouses might just need a simple solution, but when mid-sized companies try the simple software, it just can’t handle their volume of orders or complete all of the functionalities desired. When you are looking for something new, it is certainly good to have a budget in mind, but consider what features you need, what might be nice to have if offered, and what growth you could see when you invest in a more capable software. This will help you find software that actually fits your needs. Remember, even if you’re a smaller warehouse, you’re clients expect the same service.

2. You’re only considering options that offer free demos.

The biggest problem here is that you’re cutting yourself off from a lot of quality software options because you’re scared to spend the time and money needed to customize a software package to your needs. When you get a free trial, you’re often getting a sample that has been allotted to you based on other companies like yours that use the software. However, it is not customized to your needs, and you likely won’t have a lot of free hands-on support. So while it might seem nice to try it before you buy it, it likely isn’t the exact fit. This might deter you from purchasing, and leave you back where you started: on the hunt. Instead, take the time to consider some options that offer modular WMS software and see what they can offer you. Just because free demos or trials might not be an option, it doesn’t mean that the salespeople won’t try to work with you to show you the software. It likely means that they will try a lot harder to figure out your needs and create the best package for your company. Big decisions require time to review properly!

3. You pick software based on its quick implementation, but the training process is inadequate.

This is a very common mistake that can be a critical error for your warehouse! While the thought of getting new WMS for your 3PL installed quickly sounds great, it is very hard for your staff to keep up with the changes and switch over. With software that is implemented gradually, with hand-on training, your employees have a better chance of learning and succeeding with the software. If you just install a new one quickly, without much training, you’re just asking for errors and misuses, which can be extremely detrimental to your company.

These are just a few frequent mishaps made when deciding on a new WMS. Keep these thoughts in mind as you evaluate new WMS software options for your 3PL.

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