Southeast-based PenserSC continues growth phenomena and doubles productivity

Jacksonville, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE) — ICS Inc., the developers of Logimax®, today announced the latest release of Logimax – a powerful, browser-based warehouse management solution (WMS) used by leading third-party logistics (3PL) firms to automate warehousing and to optimize warehouse efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits.

Southeast-based PenserSC has deployed Logimax’ web-based WMS with dramatic results.

“When we implemented Logimax, we were growing faster than we could keep up in a down economy,” said Shawn Barnett, CEO, PenserSC. “We’ve gone from around 94 percent inventory accuracy to 99.9 percent inventory accuracy. And, we’ve doubled our business volume with nominal staff increases.”
“The value of a powerful WMS, like Logimax, is that it allows us to focus on our core business and be a better 3PL operator for our customers,” Barnett added.

With Logimax, PenserSC provides customers real-time, web-based views of any facet of their inventory – available 24/7. Newly-released features support PenserSC’s focus on enhancing operations and abilities to increase customer satisfaction.

“We are an integral part of our customers’ supply chains, and the complexity of their business requirements continue to evolve,” Barnett said. “Our 99.9% inventory accuracy and improved inventory control means our customers can confidently make decisions based on reliable information. That’s true visibility, allowing us the opportunity to offer even more solutions to our customers.”

“We’ve added more new customers so far this year than any other year and have just added a brand new facility to our campus,” Barnett shared. “Our phenomenal growth is due to focusing on our customers’ needs and enabling our knowledgeable and experienced people with the right tools. The Logimax warehouse management system is one tool that gives us a tremendous competitive advantage.”

“The latest Logimax capabilities released will really put us ahead of the game,” Barnett said. “All of our warehouse managers are very excited about an entirely new way to perform automated annual physicals or cycle inventory counts, complete with a one-click button for adjustments.”

Based on his industry experience, Barnett noted: “While most well-known WMS systems are not purpose-built for 3PLs, Logimax is. The software’s flexibility allows us to meet each of our customer’s unique needs and gives us the ability to operate more efficiently and invoice properly.”

Business and industry communities are taking note of PenserSC’s status as one the fastest growing 3PL in the Southeast. Just last month, PenserSC received an award as the 24th fastest growing private company in Jacksonville and the only 3PL on the Top 50 list.

PenserSC was also just listed in Food Logistics’ Top 85 3PLs for 2010. The annual listing highlights those third-party logistics providers serving food companies warehousing and transportation needs with a wide range of options and capabilities. This is the second year PenserSC has made the list alongside much larger, internationally known 3PLs.

About PenserSC

PenserSC provides Southeast warehousing, transportation, LTL, truckload, Florida logistics, port, import/export, rail services or just fresh ideas from the logistics team of experts. PenserSC supports some of today’s most sophisticated supply chain systems with in-depth experience, powerful IT capabilities and facility investments to maintain its position as the only Southeast 3rd party logistics provider needed. PenserSC operates more than one million square feet of dry and temperature-controlled warehouse space in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami. Trucking includes distribution services to all points in the Southeast, both dry and temperature controlled, and a unique food delivery consolidation program.