Metrics and KPI

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s never more true than with Logimax.

C-Level and operational-level dashboards enable a real-time view of warehouse occupancy, current warehouse activity, shipment analyses, and door occupancy.

A rich array of graphical views help you analyze costs, profitability, activity, KPI and inventory trends over selected date ranges. Naturally you can see the same data in a spreadsheet view.

Save tens—even hundreds—of thousands of dollars over the life of your WMS investment with Logimax.


The dashboard shows thumbnail views of key data at the company, warehouse and customer level in real time.


Revenue trend reports show 13 and 25 month revenue trends to help monitor actual vs. contract customer performance.


Activity trend reports help you to identify contractual variances and plan space and resources accordingly.

Receipts by P.O.

View open receivers by Purchase Order number

View Inventory by Item

View inventory balances by SKU

Inventory Trend Analysis

Review inventory trends in total or for a specific SKU


  • Empower management end-users with powerful information and analytics, while not having to schedule and deploy IT programming resources.
  • Have all possible information in your hands in order to prepare for and gain valuable leverage in carrier negotiations, thus driving better agreements and lower carrier costs.
  • Monitor trends to identify important changes and developments in on-going operations that require response and action.
  • Slice and dice shipment/transportation carrier information in almost any way imaginable to gain visibility into shipping/transportation operations and costs by various dimensions, including carrier, service type, geography, distribution center, and customer (to name a few).
  • Take control of shipping/transportation operations and significantly reduce costs, improve performance, and enhance customer satisfaction.