Speed Weigh™

SpeedWeigh works with Varsity ShipSoft to allow shippers to automatically retrieve package weight from the shipping scale. Weight is pulled into ShipSoft at the time the order number is scanned, eliminating the need for an additional get-weight barcode scan or manual entry of package weight. ShipSoft combines package weight provided by SpeedWeigh with destination, package dimensions, service type, and carrier rates to determine shipment costs. By using SpeedWeigh to eliminate the manual steps to scan or enter package weight, shippers improve accuracy and streamline shipping applications.

Key SpeedWeigh features:

  • Automates package get-weight, eliminating the extra steps of scanning or manually
    entering weight
  • Eliminates the need for a keyboard wedge
  • Increases throughput and shipping efficiency


  • Compatible with all types of PC stations
  • Scale-to-PC-to-iSeries communication
  • Automatic parcel weight retrieval
  • Visible or invisible modes