Our Advantage

Powerful, Flexible, and Affordable Cloud WMS

The advantages of using Logimax goes back to our beginnings. Since 1995, Logimax has provided our customer base with an exceptionally robust, reliable and affordable cloud solution to the challenges of the single and multi-customer warehousing industries.

Logimax helps you work faster and more intelligently, while remaining extremely user-friendly and easy to implement. Reaping the rewards of IBM’s ongoing $1 billion a year investment in R&D for the IBM i servers has enabled us to offer truly excellent and advanced services.

Logimax Benefits and Advantages:

  • Reduce operating expenses by 35 percent
  • Reduce the cost of inventory by 27 percent through an automated environment
  • Increase shipment accuracy by at least 5 percent
  • Save time by no longer having to perform inventories

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