Bowman Logistics Closes the Visibility Gap and Increases Customer Communication

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE August 27, 2008)–Bowman Logistics, a division of D.M. Bowman, Inc., announced they have implemented a new warehouse management system, Logimax.

A mostly transportation-focused business, D.M. Bowman took a strategic view to capturing more market share by strengthening their logistics service offerings in warehousing. The implementation of Logimax already substantially increases the value of the warehousing business to the company as whole.

According to leading industry research, the role of logistics providers is changing and 3PLs are becoming more strategic partners that add value.

“More than ever today, our customers are interested in what additional value we can provide,” said David Ebner, Chief Logistics Officer. “While we’ve been traditionally focused on transportation, we see the opportunities available in our warehousing business.”

“Previously an outside research firm gave us high marks for good customer service and business process. With Logimax efficiently automating our warehouse, enabling bar coding, integrating into our accounting system and extending our EDI capabilities, we’ve implemented the technology to turn our great service into a great competitive advantage,” Ebner said.

“The result is that we’re turning manual work into cost-competitive revenue. And, internally, we have more accurate data and better visibility for decision making.”

“In warehousing, it’s much more than just handling product,” Ebner added. “We aim to satisfy current and future customers with valuable and fair service; that means implementing the right technology for greater communication and visibility. Our customers’ visibility has expanded into the shelves of the warehouse; and, easy customer access to information has increased dramatically.”

About D.M. Bowman, Inc.

D.M. Bowman, Inc., named as one of the Top 250 Carriers in the nation – with transportation, warehousing and logistics divisions – provides regional van, bulk, flatbed and JIT transportation services, as well as warehousing, inventory management, distribution and value-added services. With more than 1 million square feet of warehouse space located within Maryland’s newly established Foreign Trade Zone #255, Bowman manages terminal and/or warehouse operations in several states. For timely and accurate communication, Bowman uses Qualcomm fleet communication, EDI, secure 24/7 web-access for inventory management, load tracking and online documents including Delivery Receipts.