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Distributors, 3PLs, and manufacturers have had more than enough challenges on their hands recently. It’s no surprise if you haven’t had time to focus on your warehouse management system (WMS) inadequacies. If you find that your system can’t keep up with the ever-changing demands of everyday product fulfillment, now is the time to contemplate investing in your WMS. Consider the following five key recommendations to keep your business operating efficiently and your WMS operations up-to-date. 

1.  Saving Time and Money Through Self-Service

Have you provided key stakeholders with the ability to view inventory online? If you haven’t already provided inventory and ordering access to your sales team and customer base, you are in need of an upgrade. Instead of wasting time on phoned-in stock checks, manual order entry, and paper proofs of delivery, it could all be done electronically 24/7 without CSR assistance, via self-service web access. The drastic improvement in efficiency and increase in value-added customer service will save your staff tons of time which, of course, equals money. The end result gives your business an added advantage over competitors that may not offer these WMS best practices. 

2.  Offering E-commerce and Online Access

While e-commerce may not have been the first choice for end-customers to order products prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it sure is now. Many brick-and-mortar companies were forced to close their storefronts during the majority of the past two years. This led to an increase in online ordering because it was the only option for companies to place products directly into consumers’ hands and, in many cases, it still is. Does your WMS system readily handle the intricacies of processing e-commerce orders? Does it operate efficiently? If not, you are well overdue for a much-needed upgrade. Consider Logimax’s digital offerings, a cloud-based system built on the super-secure IBM platform, for online sales orders that will give your company new superpowers in e-commerce. 

3.  Fixing Operational and Security Issues Before It’s Too Late

What worked in the past is not always what will work in the future. So, while your current WMS system has worked for your 3PL or warehouse, are you prepared for the future of the industry? Experiencing glitches or software system crashes is a huge red flag in the logistics and distribution industry. Do you even know if your firewall is secure? Nothing is more important than being able to conduct or complete daily customer orders without WMS system errors, viruses, or, worse yet, a complete shutdown due to a ransomware demand. If your core system cannot provide you with reliable operational stability, you should have your IT infrastructure evaluated for security, speed, and industry best practices.  

4.  Keeping Your Company’s ERP/WMS System Up-to-Date

A WMS systems expert should be constantly monitoring your current ERP and/or WMS software system and identifying much-needed improvements. A WMS system that has not been updated on a regular basis will not run as efficiently or be able to incorporate the latest hardware. Your software provider should be interacting with your company regularly to identify areas to streamline and/or upgrade functionality. Whether it’s an add-on module or a regularly scheduled software update, you may be surprised at what your system is now able to do. Logimax provides annual software updates and system reviews to ensure that your 3PL, warehouse, or manufacturing facility is operating effectively. 

5.  Investing a Little Now Rather Than Paying More Later

Every business is watching its finances like a hawk daily, be it operating or capital expenditures. However, if you are holding off on needed WMS software or hardware enhancements that can provide you with a competitive edge, you could end up harming your bottom line directly. Consistent software upgrades are vital to maintaining working WMS systems properly, increasing best-in-service practices, and saving valuable employee time. Newer feature add-ons, whether software or hardware, can pay off very quickly. Consider adding Logimax Wireless Task Automation or integrating Varsity Logistic’s ShipSoft with Logimax WMS to give your company the upper hand. 

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