Designed from the ground-up for third-party inventory management and order fulfillment, Logimax enables you to quickly and easily meet an incredible array of unique customer needs through point-and-click configurations instead of custom programming.

After defining and entering customer and product information (one time, in one place), Logimax automatically subjects every task performed to the rules and rates specified-regardless of whether they are handled via paper or by more efficient RF processes. As a result Logimax captures every fee associated with every task and service. Making a change to a rate or unit of measure is simply a matter of replacing the former rate or UOM and clicking “enter.” In most cases, such changes take less than one minute.

Since 1995, we have continually added new item criteria, process support, UOMs, routing options, putaway and handling rules, pick sequencing, and virtually hundreds of other configurable options to Logimax. As a result, Logimax supports around 85% of the requirements encountered by our customers’ customers … right out of the box.

With Logimax, specifiying the following are simple configurations:

  • Receipt/blast routing, staging options, putaway rules, stackability, and lot/serial tracking
  • Support for any combination of several dozen UOMs
  • Storage rules such as rotation, cube optimization, velocity, equipment handling requirements
  • Billing options including auto-period ends, invoice detail, invoice delivery, daily updates
  • Directed and manual picking options and sequencing
  • Full support for packaging, re-palletizing, kitting and dozens of other services
  • Rate options for every task, service, movement, report, UOM, equipment
  • And much more…

With such extraordinary configurability, Logimax implements faster for significantly less money, requires just a fraction of the ongoing consulting fees, is easier to change and manage, and enables fast, worry-free upgrades.

Why pay high prices for custom programming – year after year – when Logimaxenables you to simply re-click on customer, item and rate criteria?