Dangerous accident in warehouse during work - wounded worker

Avoiding Warehouse Injuries Requires Understanding How They Might Happen

Logimax Software knows the importance of playing it safe in the warehouse. Read the latest blog post by Logimax WMS to learn more about how to avoid injuries and accidents in your warehouse!

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Online retail boom driving demand for warehouse space across U.S.

High demand in online retail and shopping puts the pressure on warehouses, especially as the holiday season approaches.

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4 Ways Logistics and Supply Chain Companies Can Strengthen Their Hiring Practices

The supply chain industry can improve their hiring habits. Learn how on the latest Logimax blog.

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New Report Shows Greater Adoption of NextGen Supply Chain Technologies

NextGen Supply Chain Technology to become popular, read the Logimax Blog for more information.

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How to Save your Company Money with Tax Deductions

Save money come tax season with Logimax software